Quartier Gramont


- Constantin Bosianu 25, Bucharest
- Completion date: May 2021
- Apartments: 44

Located in the heart of Bucharest, Quartier Gramont is a residential complex, where the cultural heritage and comfort of residents are at the forefront. In just a few minutes, one can reach Carol Park, Palace of Parliament, Flower Market or Unirea Store.


Emblematic living space

In 1912, the prestigious Maison Mignot-Boucher perfumery, founded in France in 1818, opened a branch in Bucharest on Bosianu Street 25-29. The Mignot-Boucher complex consisted of a factory, warehouse and store, which operated until June 11 1948, when the communist government of Petru Groza nationalised these.

Since then, the complex had several roles: Stela Soap Factory, Militia Constituency no. 26, Presentation Enterprise and Packaging for Chemistry. Because the history of the place seemed extraordinary to us, we decided to transform this place, once again, to restore its original purpose, that of a space for living, as the Viscount of Gramont wanted almost 200 years ago. To remember the past of our city, we preserved and restored the brick façade of the former perfume factory. This is the story of Quartier Gramont.